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The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club.The second rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.But right now, for building metaverses, there are no rules.Do what you want. Build what you want. Tack “verse” to the end of it. And you’re in!Niantic on the other hand is taking a hard stance that a 100% virtual-verse is way over the top super dystopian. And in reality 😉 what people want is a world that is a bit less virtual that instead leans more into the arena of the augmented — a verse that also allows for and even encourages users to get outside and connect with other people and the world around it.So if this is the path you’re on, start with something that people get — and if you pick wisely, it’s also something they’re fanatical about.We chose dog owners — or more specifically, puppy owners!WELCOME to the puppyverse!Just take a step back and think about it for a moment.No matter how awesome of a digital avatar puppy your developer can create — and no matter how fluffy its fur looks — or how cute its eyes are — there is no way it could ever compete with a REAL puppy! No ifs, ands, or buts about it.But beyond that, dog owners are ever so trained to take their pups out for a walk, once-twice-sometimes-three-times daily! What can we say — the dog, and dog’s best friend actually love getting out into the world, walking around in it, and guess what — also meeting with other dogs and dog lovers too!All of a sudden this is somehow starting to sound very Niantic. But you get the point.If you start at the onset with a virtual-first metaverse vision that doesn’t circle back into the real world in anyway, there’s a chance it could run amuck pretty fast.As we’ve noted again & again, most new tech has historically been introduced to the masses through the means of various entertainment industries — because when something is fun and engaging, new participants are willing to invest the time needed into learning all about it.And we strongly believe that the first metaverses introduced should be no different. Them not being enjoyable or entertaining in someway is just a nonstarter for us — it’s gotta be fun to attract those very first adopters.Just ask the nearest real 🐶 you can find!Cheers!(Learn More Here)

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